Sydney Shepherd


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"Both Sydney Shepherd and her co-star Adrian Blake Enscoe are swoonworthy young dreamboats" - YesBroadway

"Sydney Shepherd is Agnes (and Gretchen the tour guide) the girl that brings Jasper to Deadland. Her voice rocks! A woman who is obviously seasoned and talented delivers a very enjoyable performance, the role of Agnes. She handles the songs well letting her voice do the work and sends the lyrics throughout the theatre. Ms. Shepherd allows Agnes to feel a range of in-your-face-attitude to endearment to Jasper recognizing their shared love." -Eric Andrews Katz, Seattle Gay News

"Sydney Shepherd is beguiling, endearing, and has a knock-out voice." -David Edward Hughes, Talkin’ Broadway

"Also to be listened out for is Sydney Shepherd as Jasper’s guide, Gretchen, who has a cute, peppy style even when speaking of less than peppy subject matter. This is especially good for her first song Tour Song, which wouldn’t be out of place on the Juno soundtrack with its ukulele base. The first act has few stand out songs, aside from Living Dead, where Shepherd gets to show off her lungs." -Ruth Jepson, Reviews Hub